Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's nature, stupid, it's all nature

It is so interesting to have a boy and a girl. Now, I know that even if Chava was a boy, she would be different from Maddox in many, many ways. But there is just such a caretaking aspect to her that I don't think we would see in a boy. If I get mad or upset, she comes right over to say, "That's okay, Mommy!" (well, it sounds more like "dats otay, Mommy!"). When someone (anyone) is crying she remarks on it and wants to know why. She gets very concerned when you have a boo boo (although, to his credit, Maddox is quick to notice bandaids, too). She loves to play with dolls - push them around in their strollers, change their diapers, feed them in the high chair Sal made. Maddox has been enjoying smacking at everything in sight with a roll from wrapping paper and Chava is simultaneously carrying around a purple balloon to protect it and comfort it from Maddox's violence.

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