Thursday, November 29, 2007

Can't post, barfing

Sorry my Thanksgiving post is lame. We really did have a nice day, and a nice weekend (well, except for the moment in the MFA where both kids were melting down and one of the guards looked at me and said, "The Children's Museum is better."). And I did yoga twice, and got a massage, and we had some sleeping in there, too. Trying to maintain the trend, I went to yoga last night and it was great, but then at about 10 p.m. I started feeling bad. Like, barfing bad. That lasted until about 11 when I started finally barfing in a great, big, ball of cold sweat. It was awful. I must have eaten something bad because it was the only actual barfing but I sort of feel like I'm a dishcloth that's been wrung out. It doesn't help that Maddox had screaming nightmares all night and Chava was up no less than four times. Seriously, how is it that I wound up with kids that don't sleep?

p.s. I blame Annie and Jayme since Chava INSISTED on sleeping in the purple Northwestern t-shirt which is short-sleeved, so she probably woke up because she was cold. Yeah, it must be their fault.

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