Thursday, November 01, 2007


Maddox wanted to be the cow again, from last year. We had hoped Chavie might wear the pumpkin costume handed down through Michela and Eli but she wanted no part of it - although she really did want to take both her pocketbooks along with her trick or treat bag with her, so we told everyone she was dressed up as a bag lady.

She keeps her arms up so the bags don't fall off.

Enjoying the loot.

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Anne said...

So Rachael,

I have just read your latest entries --"Halloween" and "Buddy", with such delight, and I just had to write and say that I hope you know what an astoundingly good writer you are! You have a wonderful way with words,your humor,as always, is amazing, and your willingness to share so your vulnerabilities of being a mother (which EVERYONE has, but few share as openly,poignantly, and with such humor!!)are incredible--truly, and not just because I'm your aunt who adores you! You capture so many precious kernels of day to day life-with your precious children, with a fresh,vivid nuanced eye that is at once personal and tremendously engaging, and leaves me feeling each time, not only laughing out loud, but like I'm there right with you--really getting to know Chava and Maddox, seeing their dynamic and adorable (and sometimes less than adorable--ye gods, their human!!) personalities at work.Each entry is like a wonderful essay on childhood, motherhood/parenthood!
So I guess I just wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful blog--the pleasure of checking in with every couple of days or so I admit to now taking quite for granted--for taking time from your hectic,busy life to share so much of it, so eloquently with us!!
We love you, Sweetie, and send big hugs,

Annie and Pu-Pu