Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is sad

But it's really the best place for me to write down something I've been meaning to for about a week now. Pathetic, and not interesting reading, so feel free to tune in later this week for more exciting events (like pictures of Maddox's lip, which he split open on Monday night).

Last week was the first week in a looooooong time that we had real, honest to goodness homecooked dinners every night. I need to compile a list of all the things I can make that (at least some of us) we like so I can think of what to buy at the store each week. Here's what we had last week:

-stir fried pork loin with green beans and rice (I think the kids ate mainly rice)
-shrimp curry with green beans (kids did not eat)
- fish (Al works right down the street from a great fishmonger - kids ate fishsticks but would likely eat fishcakes from the fishmonger)
- chili (kids will eat if we take some out before spicing out)

OH MY GOD I cannot think of the last thing I made. I am truly losing my mind and memory. Here's what we're having this week:

-lamb stew from Nonna
-chicken Marbella from Silver Palate (go figure, kids love "chicken on the bone")
-something else

Although last night I was exhausted and we ordered Chinese. Yum!

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