Thursday, January 03, 2008

The one picture I managed to get while freezing my ass off at Edaville

Actually, it was an incredibly awesome afternoon. Maddox was absolutely FEARLESS, which surprised and delighted me (except for the part about my poor, freezing ass and his constant demands for MORE FERRIS WHEEL RIDES). We rode the merry-go-round (Chava's favorite, she reports her horse's name was "Smoke"), the Dumbo the flying elephant ride, the rocket ride, and of course, the train. Chava was too short to ride the Ferris Wheel but Maddox insisted he wanted to go on it and squealed with glee each time we hit the top. I was focused on not peeing my pants on the way down each time, and on keeping my left hand firmly tucked in to Maddox's armpit so that I would not suffer frostbite.

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