Sunday, January 14, 2007

No pictures, bad mommy

Today is day 2 of what is predicted to be a 3 day weekend full of rain, sleet and maybe snow. So, this morning we left the house early for a stop at Target and then a ride on the green line downtown (do you know that the Mall at Copley is linked to the Prudential Center mall and you can basically walk almost all the way across Boston while remaining indoors? This is an excellent way to tire out little bodies). It was great.

But first we had to stop at Target for a few things. Al took Chava in a cart because Maddox wanted to walk. When we finally met up in housewares, Chava was passed out with her head wedged into the corner of the cart seat. She is serious about her napping.

Also, last night Al went out with a friend of his for dinner and a movie. They left before Maddox went to bed, and Maddox was extremly perplexed about why they would want to do anything outside the house. I said, "Well, sometimes grownups like to go out with other grownups to talk about grownup things." Maddox asked, "Are they going to talk about their penises?"


pseven1982 said...

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Anne and Jayme said...

Afterall, Is there anything else for grownups to talk about?????!!!!

Your blogs (and your ever amazing sense of humor, Rachael. .) are a tremendous source of enjoyment for us who are way too far away!! How is the Dr. Ferber routine working out? We hope that more sleep has been in your picture, BIG TIME!!

We love you all and send big hugs,