Friday, January 19, 2007

Catch up (again)

Maddox had another ear infection this week, starting on Sunday. So, I worked a grand total of two days, and thus never had time to post anything all week (yes, it's true, working affords me a whole lot more time in the day than staying home, especially with a sick and needy child whose ability to make a mess is not at all diminished by his illness).

So, we'll start with last Sunday, when we went bowling. This time I remembered the camera, but only managed to get a shot of Lola with her mom, Jane.

Monday was a holiday so I was home with both kids. It was also rainy and gross, and a very long day. We spent some quality time in a fort under the dining room table.
You can just hear Chava saying, "Jesus, Mom, is this all you've got?"

Today I am home with Chava, who is being very cute. Well, very cute in between bouts of exasperating stubborness. Chava is much more stubborn than Maddox ever was. The whole distraction thing really doesn't work with her. She's a force to be reckoned with. Our daycare lady keeps laughing as she tells me what a nightmare Chava's teen years are going to be.... personally, I'm not laughing (and yes, Mom, I already had the payback thought myself).

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