Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chava's room

Chava's room is my favorite spot in the house. It gets great light, and is so cheerful and bright. It's also just about the least cluttered space around (although you can't tell it from these pictures because nothing is put away, but we do, sometimes, put things away).

I especially like looking at the wall with the two windows because the plasterers were here the day I was in labor with her and I kept worrying that when I ran to the bathroom (maybe I wasn't wearing pants? why else would I worry?) they would see me.

The walls you see are a buttery yellow and the wall you don't see (which the crib is up against) is the same green as the curtains. The rug is a nice, cusy berber which I'm sure will be stained soon (which reminds me that last week as I was wrestling Chava down to change her diaper before bed, all of a sudden a poop nugget appeared on the carpet. Where does it come from? It wasn't me, I swear.).

The whole thing was inspired from some weaving my grandmother did (Hi Grandmum!) - she made small swatches that she put in to cards she sent and they were too beautiful to throw away. So I saved them, and now they're framed and the perfect finishing touch to the room.

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