Thursday, May 14, 2009

Okay, Mom, I've gotten my payback. Now remove the evil curse you put on my daughter.

Chava is three. Well, three and a half, if you want to put a fine point on it. So please explain to me just exactly how it is that she is a clothes horse. A clothes fiend. A prima donna when it comes to her clothes. Or, as Al puts it, "Man, she is just totally bonkers around her clothes."

Getting dressed in the morning often evolves over the course of an hour. First she has to pick things out (and if we veto something [like a tanktop on a 40 degree day], woe is us). Then she has to try it on. Then she has to improve upon it by changing some of the elements. Then she has to pick out accessories. And, of course, shoes (shut up, Mom, I can hear you laughing from here).

Last night both kids slept all night without a peep and stayed in their room until their alarm clock started playing music at 6:30. This was four nights of sleep, so Maddox earned a new Star Wars lego set and Chava earned some stick on earrings that had been torturing her on top of my dresser for weeks. She built her whole outfit around those earrings - a pink cotton dress with ruffles and a bow, off white tights, flip flops (yes, her favorite shoes are flip flops right now and she just pulls down the tights in between her toes to get the flip flops on) and a very pretty Irish knit cardigan. Then she spent what was left of the morning twirling around the house sing-songing "I'm so BEAUUUUUUUUU---tiful."

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