Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids in their Looooooooovely Hats

I don't know where Chava picks up all the idioms she does. I think she is stealthfully listening to the grownups all the time and trying to work the lingo she hears into her everyday conversations as much as possible. In any case, she is constantly cracking me up.

Last night she decided that she needed a Lovely Hat for her bath, so she created one and got Maddox to participate as well. They wore them for a good twenty minutes.

She told me yesterday that "My outfit is not complete until I have my jewelry on." This would actually be more funny if I didn't constantly find her rifling through the jewelry I have on my dresser and wearing it around the house. When I hid it up higher, I found her stacking stools (by the time I had arrived, she had three piled up on top of each other) to access the forbidden. When she is denied, she is quick to show her displeasure.

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