Monday, March 29, 2010

Early morning wisdom

This morning, Al had to leave the house at about 6 to get to a meeting in Northampton. The kids weren't even awake when he left, and they seemed pretty impressed that I was going to handle things all on my own. I made them French toast for breakfast, helped Chava get dressed (which is really a process that has to be experienced to be believed), made Maddox's lunch to order, peeled a dozen eggs with Maddox for tonight's Seder... and assorted other things. As we were getting ready to go, I reminded Maddox to put shoes in his backpack, since he was wearing rain boots to school. He sighed and said, "Wow, it's hard to be the mom!"

On the way to Chava's school, she asked me when "Daddy's new job would be over," since she likes going to school with him better. I told her it was a two year contract but I'm not sure that really made her feel much better.

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