Friday, March 12, 2010

Chava's Special Day

Yesterday was Chava's Special Day at school. She got to pick her favorite book (we call it Murdley Gurdson which is incredibly adorable to hear a four year old say) and make a puppet of one of the characters. Most importantly, she got to wear a necklace that said "Chava's Special Day" and she got to sit, with us, in chairs during group time, when the rest of her classmates sat on the floor. Chava had asked me on Wednesday if I would wear a skirt and "be fancy" for her special day and I, of course, forgot. But Al and I decided to get dolled up to go in and it was completely worth it for the look on Chava's face when she saw my bridesmaids dress and high heeled patent leather shoes. She was less impressed with Al's coat and tie, but I think it was the entire package that made her day.

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