Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Scene: Tuesday night. Al is out. Post-dinner, we are upstairs for a rousing game of Hssss!

Chava: Mom! I have to poop!
Me: Well, then, go poop.

Chava runs off to make her deposit. A few seconds later, we hear, with much excitement:

Chava: Maddox! Come here! You've gotta see this!

Maddox runs over (thudthudthud).

Maddox: Wow!

Chava: I know! I pooped a turtle! It looks just like a turtle.

Maddox: She really did, Mom. You guys should enter her in a talent contest.

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Anne said...

We LOVE reading all these wonderful, priceless glimpses of Chava and Maddox! Thanks for keeping this blog, Rachael--for you, for your kids, and for those of us far away!

love, love,