Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A few from last year

Our friend Lisa passed along a few pictures taken in December that made me chuckle... Maddox trying on a moustache for size (his friend Cavlin was the leader in this artistic endeavor), our kids at the zoo (I love how Chava and her friend Carter are holding hands), and the kids table at New Year's eve... maybe we need to work on Maddox's table manners, you think? I'm going to focus on my beautiful children instead of the terrible election results because, as I learned in social work school, "denial in the service of the ego" is a high level defense. I'm nothing if not highly evolved!

Also, Maddox wanted to know last night where the first person came from. We talked about possible options - he does not believe God does magic. He thought evolution was interesting but then wanted to know exactly how apes came about. I was stumped, although I went with an explanation that involved morphing sea creatures. Chava was listening carefully to this discussion but not participating, until bedtime last night when she demanded to know "Who painted me and Maddox?" which I did not understand at all, but finally figured out that she wanted to know who created her. Sheesh. More wine, please.

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