Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two things

1. Maddox totally picked out his own clothes today and got dressed by himself. Hallelujah! Chava, of course, picks out her own clothes most of the time now and INSISTS on putting them all on herself, even though it takes approximately 6 hours.
2. Maddox and I finally had the conversation about how one cannot actually marry one's sister. He seemed to get it. So this morning I overheard him breaking the news to Chava:

M: Chava, I can't marry you. It's against the law. So..... do you want me to marry my cousin?

1 comment:

k said...

I have to give G a time limit on how long I'll allow her to work on her own car seat buckle. Otherwise, I would have to stand in the Target parking lot for 45 minutes while she worked on it (all the while yelling, "I'LL do it, Mama! I'LL DO IT!").

Good luck with Maddox. Sounds like you guys might end up with some web-footed grandchildren.