Monday, March 10, 2008

Two Conversations at Bedtime

Maddox: I'm scared.
Me: What are you scared of?
X: The shadows. And fire. And the fire detectors.
Me: The shadows are just light. And the fire detectors keep us safe.
X: If you keep lighting matches after I poop, you might burn the house down.


Chava (an hour past bedtime): Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa-meeeeeeeee. I need a nose wipe.

A nose wipe!
I need a nose wipe!

I need a bottle!

I neeeeeeeed a boooooootle!

Diaper change?
I need a diaper change!

Maaaaaaaa-meeeeeeeee! I want to watch t.v.!

Okay, just bottle.

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