Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Visit to Amherst

We had a great time in Amherst. Granted, I had to engage the kids in potty talk for the last 15 minutes of the car trip to keep them from losing their shit (hah) but really, "peanut butter and a poopy diaper!" is tolerable.

Grammy managed to capture the highlights on film.

We started off building some "structures" from marshmallows and candy - Maddox saw this on t.v. and thought it was great. I now realize he really just understood it to be an opportunity to shovel as many marshmallows as he could in to his mouth. (He later got Grammy to play hide'n'seek with him and while she was off hiding, he was in the kitchen sneaking more marshmallows.)

We then spent some time parading around in Grammy's Purim costumes:

There was an aborted effort at napping in there, too, including a 20 minute car ride for Chava during which she fell immediately asleep only to wake up the minute her body hit the futon. Oh well.

There was bed jumping:

And the highlight of the trip, roasting hotdogs and (more!) marshmallows in the fireplace:

After all that excitement, Maddox really needed to kick back in a relaxing bath:

Then we had some reading to do:

(This last one had me a bit worried it was some old Southern tale with racist underpinnings - luckily, the kids lost interest on the first page.)

That was just Saturday.

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