Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Weekend Adventures

We spent the weekend at the delightful Hotel Moco in lovely Scituate, Massachusetts. Nonna, our activities director, kept us hopping. After the traditional bacon-heavy breakfast on Saturday, we went blueberry picking:

Chava seriously ate her weight in blueberries (she pooped blue for days). Maddox was in hog heaven wearing his berry bucket.

After lunch, Nonna and Al took Maddox bowling while Chava and Grumps had a nap (I finally got a shower). Maddox shows off his skill - he is able to bowl while simultaneously showing you the candy Nonna got for him:

Then it was off to Starland for some mini-golf and go carts.

I couldn't get any pictures of the mini-golf because I was too busy trying to keep Chava from stealing other people's balls.
Finally, the kids enjoyed some down time on Saturday night. Then Maddox ate three helpings of steak and broccoli and Chava ate salsa and cocktail sauce (that's a balance meal, right?!). I didn't get any pictures of our beach time on Sunday, either, but it involved finding some crabs, building sand castles and waterways, and walking on the rocks. I took two very tired and happy kids home on Sunday afternoon.

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