Monday, July 16, 2007

I've got the whole world in my hand

It was hot and steamy here yesterday. After naptime we packed up the kids to head to Lincoln (because the next best thing to living in Lincoln is having your brother and his family live in Lincoln and having that kind of relationship where you can invite yourself over to go to their pool any old time). Just as we parked the car in the pool parking lot we saw Cat and the kids heading out - thunder (Noah was at home with his Indian fever). We played on the playground for a while and then threw in the towel and headed to their house for dinner. When we arrived home we were all still hot and sticky so I jumped in the shower and Al handed each kid in, one at a time, for what is fondly known in our house as "a rinser." After I handed Chava back, I finished up with my kibbles and bits and then toweled off. There was something in the tub - I figured it was a leaf or a woodchip one of the kids had brought in with them, so I scooped it right up. And there I stood, holding human fecal waste in my hand.

(Just so you know, Maddox has clearly learned the "deny. Deny. DENY!" trick because when I asked if he had pooped he immediately said, "No, I didn't poop. It was CHAVA!!!")

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