Wednesday, July 11, 2007

goes under "there's a first time for everything"

Yeah, see that bead? That pink one? Maddox found it at the playground and wanted to bring it home to show Daddy. I was very specific about not putting it in his mouth (germs, ya know) but never thought to mention the nose. Which is where it was shoved, up so high I couldn't even catch a glimpse of it. This all happens in the car, mind you. So, I unload the kids (with Maddox screaming, out of fear or pain I don't know) and get them in to the house to try to get Maddox to blow it out. Have I mentioned that Chava has mastered blowing her nose but Maddox still hasn't? Well, we solved that problem today. I have to say we were all mighty impressed with the way the bead came shooting out of his nose, skittering across the kitchen floor.

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