Thursday, February 08, 2007

My life is a tragi-comedy, or a comic tragedy, or something

It isn't, really. I have nothing to complain about, but I complain anyway. It's all relative, right?

Yesterday I took the afternoon off because I felt sooo behind the 8-ball; the kids have both been sick, I haven't been sleeping (because they haven't been sleeping), we've been eating Trader Joe's frozen stuff for dinner every night, heaps of laundry, you get the picture. So I decided I'd go home early, take a bath (since I didn't get to shower yesterday morning), make a nice dinner, get some challah started, and maybe take a nap. Hadn't been home a half hour when our daycare lady called to tell me that Chava had puked all over herself while napping, and she seemed to have a stomach bug. So, I ended up washing puke out of Chava's hair, nose and ear instead of soaking myself in the tub. The good news is that she seemed almost back to herself by dinner time, slept fine, and ate a big breakfast this a.m. The other good news is that I had at least kneaded the challah, so Maddox and I got to finish it after Chavie went to bed.

Also, here is Maddox in his boxer briefs. I think he should be the next male model in his underwear in Times Square, don't you?

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