Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Uh oh.

Maddox and Chava have been watching Discovery Kids t.v. It started with the Magic School Bus, which is a great show for kids. Then, one day, Maddox discovered a Trading Spaces show for kids that comes on just before the Magic School Bus, and he was hooked. It's a fine show; the premise is that two boys team up to transform a girl's room and two girls work together to transform one of the boys' rooms (Maddox really, REALLY wants to be on it and get an x-wing fighter bed). But. The big BUT: Discovery Kids has ads. Lots of ads for lots of crap. And, so, I bring you this morning:

Chava: Mom, can I PLEEEEEEEASE have a pillow pet?
Me: A pillow pet? What is that?
Maddox: You can go to www.pillowpet.com.
Me: (rolls eyes)
Chava: You could get them for us for our birthdays!
Maddox: (in all earnestness) They make great gifts.

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