Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Assortment

Chava has developed a real interest in her dolls. The one with the red hat is "Dolly" (although she names every doll/animal that) and she takes her everywhere. She reads to her periodically and gets upset if Dolly can't see the pictures. Listening to Chava "read" books is a real treat. It goes something like this:
"The girl went there. She went there. And then she came back. Because she was good. So she went there and came back. The end."

But it's still pretty cute.

The other morning, Chava stripped down to her birthday suit in the kitchen and then complained that she was "COOOOOOOOLD." So Al offered to tuck her in to his sweater until I could get some clothes for her. I think she would have happily stayed there all day.

In big news, Maddox has mastered zippers! Here, he zipped himself and then helped out his sister.

Maddox, Chava and I made apple-honey cupcakes from the Joan Nathan kids' cookbook we have - they brought them in to their respective classrooms to share on Wednesday.

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