Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's not that we all died

Summer is a hard time to post. Even though, for most people, the pace slows, I feel like it speeds up for us. The days are longer so we try to pack more in. We go swimming after pick-up, ride bikes to daycare, and spend long hours in the bathtub trying to get the popsicle dribble off various body parts. We are on the go from the time we get up on the weekends until we collapse in to bed. None of the activity is particularly conducive (to me, anyway) to toting a camera around. Still, a few things not to be forgotten:

  1. Chava insisting on putting on her bathing suit first thing in the a.m. and then wearing it all day - for nap, with sandals when we go to pick up Maddox, and out to eat.
  2. Maddox refusing to wear clothes as often as possible.
  3. Both kids demanding to go swimming (in a BIG pool) at 6:43 in the morning.
  4. Little tiny beads of sweat on Chava's nose.
  5. The kids playing "Can't Catch Me" with the waves in Scituate.
  6. Maddox falling asleep while sitting in the captains seat on Dad's boat.
  7. Maddox FINALLY swimming comfortably with Michela and Eli in their pool in Lincoln.
  8. Chava with some serious sweaty bedhead after a hot night.

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