Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grumpaw's New Boat

We (minus Al) had a great time on Dad's boat on Saturday last. Chava was a holy terror after keeping everyone up in Scituate past midnight the night before, but as soon as she saw her brother get butt nekkid for a dip, her mood turned right around. Maddox was unusually fearless and has made me promise that next time I will go in so I can catch him as he jumps. I haven't told him yet that I won't be going in the water until August.

Eli and Vernie show us around.

Maddox at the helm.

Chava was the first official boat napper.

A good look - if you're 4.


The kids (and one overgrown kid) warm up after their swim by watching a video. I told Dad his boat is nicer than my house. So I'm moving in.


Those are Noah's feet. He was most disappointed that our camera doesn't respond fast enough to get him mid-flight as he jumped off the lido deck in to the water.

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