Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grammy Chronicles a Day with Chava

The great thing is, I totally KNOW this day. It takes about two hours to walk two blocks with Chava because she wants to go up on every neighbor's porch, and she wants to put every rock/button/cigarette butt she finds in her mouth (although if she finds old paper or a crushed bottle, she immediately identifies it as "trash" and looks for a trash can), she wants to touch every animal ("touch doggie!") and she needs lots of snacks. Then she finishes off the day with a little nudie time, a change of clothes (probably because she had yogurt for snack and smeared the entire cup of it on herself) and then the special, sparkly purple dress-up hat while making the "surprise face" (one of my personal favorites) at the end of the day. Now she makes that surprise face with her little hand covering her mouth. Then I eat her up.

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