Sunday, May 27, 2007

Part C

Sunday dawned a bit cooler. Chavie decided fleece was more appropriate for the weather:

We headed out to Castle Island, which is where we should have gone yesterday since it was delightfully cool there. Maddox and Al enjoyed a snack while watching people pull stripers in (none big enough to be keepers):

I didn't get any pictures of the great Somerville Memorial Day parade, which is legendary. I think every Shriner in the state participates, and this year there were high school marching bands all the way from Maine. Both kids loved it, and were particularly interested in what happens to the horse poop (the answer is that the DPW has a truck behind each horse team in the parade, equipped with shovels).

In any case, Chava napped after the parade and Maddox enjoyed the most excellent waterway that Nonna gave him for Christmas:

We ended the day with beers on the porch (just KIDDING!):

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