Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Woefully behind

I have Hanukkah pictures to post. And then some from the day after. And then some of poor, pathetic Maddox, who has been really sick with a bad cold since Sunday. Chava, of course, did not get photographed even though she was feverish all weekend and diagnosed with ear infection #2 on Sunday. But that will all have to wait.

On Saturday night, Al put Maddox down about 7:30 and came downstairs so we could have dinner. At 7:45 I thought I heard something, but we both figured it was Maddox moving in to our bed, where he often likes to fall asleep. A few minutes later I was sure I heard more noise, but Al convinced me it was coming from outside. Well, at about 8:10 I wandered upstairs to put some stuff away and absolutely freaked Maddox out - he was standing at the top of the stairs, lost in thought. He was completely panicked, angst-ridden, you name it. It broke my heart. As I was hugging him to try to comfort him, he puked ALL over me (if anyone has good tips for getting kid's barf out of wool clogs, I'm all ears). He still asks me at least once a day, "Why did you scare me, Mommy?"

I'm not sure how we'll fit this in to our sleeping log for our appointment with Dr. Ferber on January 3rd.

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