Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's all so confusing

It's a big week around here. First of all, this past weekend was "Customer Appreciation Weekend" at our locally-owned, most awesome hardware store. This is nice for us, as it includes some serious coupons. But for Maddox, it's like a dream come true. He loves the hardware store because it has so much, well, stuff. Including tools. And toilet brushes. And paint. And all those aisles he can run up and down, and an elevator with buttons he can reach. But during Customer Appreciation Weekend, they bring in a popcorn machine. And give out free cake, with lard frosting. Needless to say, we went both days.

Then, tomorrow is Al's birthday. Maddox and I have had some serious conversations about what kind of cake Daddy might enjoy. Maddox feels that a Wallace and Gromit cake is perfect for an occastion (actually, rather than calling it a "Wallace and Gromit cake," he just hums the Wallace and Gromit theme song whenever it comes up). However, Al has specifically requested cupcakes from here.

Thursday, of course, is Michela's birthday as well as Thanksgiving. We'll kick off the day with a birthday party, and I learned yesterday that Vernie has requested a donut cake (i.e. donuts stacked up to form a cake shape). When I told Maddox that last night, he got so wound up I had to talk him down from the walls to get him to go to bed.

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