Wednesday, August 16, 2006

can't post... slowly dying from sleep deprivation......

We had to take away Maddox's beloved binkies because the dentist said they were changing the shape of his mouth. Well, there's been no sleep in our house since then. At first it was screaming for the binkies. We've moved on from there, to screaming to have his blanket pulled up over him (he can't do it himself because "my feet stick out!!!") to screaming that the temperature of the water in his sippy cup wasn't quite right to last night, when he screamed that I needed to cut his toenails because "they have fingernails on them." It's fun.

But we hit a new high last night when we realized just how talented our son is. He pooped after we had put him down for the night and when Al went up to check on him, he had done some diaper diving. After cleaning him off together (Al called down for reinforcements), we tucked him in again with kisses all around. He put two and two together and realized that pooping got him some extra attention. So he did it, no shit (excuse the pun), FOUR more times. Including twice at midnight.

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DinoEck said...

Hmm diaper diving or is it dip and sip or is it scoop and poop??? Ah, maybe you should do the dog training trick and rub his nose in it to see if that helps.

Sounds like a fun nite -- I hope you are keeping a healthy sense of humor.