Wednesday, May 03, 2006


On Monday night, Al went to the Red Sox game so I was on my own. When Chava fell asleep during the 3 minute ride from daycare to home, I suggested to Maddox that we go to McDonalds and get him a hamburger for dinner. "No," he replied, "I don't want to go to Old MacDonalds. I want a hamburger at home." He's only been to McDonalds once, when he was about 15 months, and I don't think he had any clue what he was passing up. So, we went home and I cooked. Last night, as soon as we got in the car he said, "Mommy, let's go to E-I-E-I-O and get a hamburger and french fries."

Not many pictures this last couple of days - mornings have been too chaotic. Last night I was up every hour (on the half hour) starting at 1:30. Thank god Al was still up at 11:30 to give Chava a bottle so that I got one solid four hour chunk of sleep.

The girl has got some serious cheekage, no?!

I have a new and heightened fear of Chava launching herself right off the table.

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